Car Alarms Can Deter Theft!

According to an article by ABC news, in an interview of a former car-thief, it was found that yes, car alarms do deter theft!  Even though a professional thief may still attempt to steal the car, having an alarm will give them second thoughts.

At Clear Impressions Audio, we are ready to help protect your vehicle by professionally installing a vehicle security system alarm. What most people don’t realize is the installation must be done correctly so as not to have malfunctions or complete system failure.  You can have peace of mind that the team at Clear Impressions Audio does superior alarm and electronics installations. 

In addition to superior installation, Clear Impressions Audio stocks quality products. We offer a variety of options for your vehicle's alarm system and we're happy to customize both the system and its installation to suit your specific needs. For your safety, convenience, and peace of mind, some of the vehicle security options we offer are:

  • Remote Starters
  • Two-way Remotes
  • Ignition Disabling Devices
  • GPS Tracking Systems
  • Keyless Entry
  • Window Roll-up
  • Dual Shock Sensors
  • Glass Sensors

Call us or stop by our showroom to discuss the possibilities with one of our expert technicians today. We'll work with you to design the ideal security system for your vehicle, lifestyle, and budget. A vehicle security system from Clear Impressions Audio is your best bet for safeguarding your car or truck from theft.