Stop the Heat & Glare with Window Tinting!

Put the finishing touch on your car or truck with window tint from Clear Impressions Audio. A great look for any vehicle, window tinting also provides a number of other advantages. So if you're considering upgrading your ride with car window tinting, we're here to help. Give our mobile enhancement pros a call today!

Window Tinting will give you some fabulous benefits, such as:

Reflect Heat

Window tinting helps to reduce the heat in the summer and keep your car cooler and more comfortable. Then in the winter, it will also keep the heat inside from escaping so you’ll be warmer.

UV Ray Protection

Exposure to UV rays has been found to be unhealthy in that it can cause skin cancer (the leading type of cancer in the U.S.), but most window film options can reflect up to 99% of these dangerous rays, protecting the driver and passengers alike.

Prevention of Interior Damage

Continual sun rays can cause your car’s interior to get damaged or fade.  Window tinting is extremely useful for keeping the inside of your vehicle looking good and avoiding discoloration or deterioration on your leather or fabric interior.

Privacy & Protection

Window tinting gives you more privacy as you drive and can provide added protection from theft by preventing would-be thieves from seeing what valuables you may have sitting on your seats.

Reflection of Light

With tinted windows you’ll have less light reflection during the day and you’ll notice your eyes feel more comfortable when driving.  In addition, the low reflectivity gives better visibility at night without as much glare from oncoming car lights.

Attractive Appearance

Your car will have a more ‘classy’ look with window tinting.  You’ll notice that most of the luxury cars have window tinting.

 At Clear Impressions Audio, we carry a full selection of premium window films in any shade, color, and darkness imaginable. Our pros will work with you to create a custom window tint look that's perfect for your style and meets local window tinting regulations.

Increased Safety

Window tinting film has been found to help hold broken class together should the windows break during an accident.  This can prevent injury to the passengers and is  also advantageous to prevent vandalism.

Use a Professional to Window Tint Your Vehicle!

When it comes to window tinting, you need to use only the best! Amateur window tint installation may look alright at first, but it won't stay that way for long. From bubbles and ripples to wrinkles, cracking, and fading, there's a lot that can go wrong with incorrectly installed car window tinting--not to mention scratches and scrapes on your window glass itself. When you want the job done right, call Clear Impressions Audio. We use only top-quality window films from the industry's leading manufacturers, and our window tinting installers carefully, correctly, and completely apply every film for long-term performance, beauty, and durability.