Remote Start Your Car Before You’re In It!

Redding and the Sacramento Valley is known for having HOT days and who wants to get into a hot car?  Having a remote car starter can fix that problem!  With the push of a button you can start your car and have your air conditioner working so you’ll be nice and cool when you sit down in your car.  The same thing applies in the winter.  Warm up your car and get the heater going at the same time, so when you’re ready to leave it’s comfortable and cozy.  Whether you’re driving by yourself or with children or the elderly, having your car at a comfortable temperature will make a positive impact on everyone aboard! 

This is only one of the practical reasons for getting a remote car starter.  Another is improving your vehicles overall maintenance and longevity and improving your gas mileage by warming up the engine.

Additional Security and Safety

Clear Impressions Audio wants you to be safe at all times.  Having a remote car starter can get your car warmed up and ready so if needed, you can quickly drive away.  In addition, we sell a wide variety of car starters which come with various different features, including:

  • Keyless entry
  • Integrated alarms
  • An average range between 500 and 1,000 feet
  • Anti-grind Car locator

Our remote car starters are available as part of a complete security system or as a stand along unit. Contact us today to get started. Our experienced professional staff will install the system correctly in your vehicle.