Complete Mobile Video Entertainment!

Our trained technicians at Clear Impressions Audio are experts in adding mobile video entertainment to your vehicle. Your family and friends can enjoy the ride while watching movies, DVD’s or playing video games.   Mobile Video is one of the best additions you can get to upgrade and further enjoy your car, truck, SUV, van or RV. 

With a large selection of screen sizes and mounting possibilities, we can install the system that will best suit your personality and needs.  At Clear Impressions, we're ready to install your car's video LCD screen wherever you would like it to be: On the backside of the Headrests, on the Dashboard, Ceiling or even the Sun-Visor or trunk!  Our experts will let you know what area will work the best.  You’ll choose how you would like the screen installed. It can be fixed in place or set to fold down or pop up from any location.

Car Video Possibilities

Our full complement of signal distribution and control systems also allow you to easily connect your video game, portable DVD, or other audio-visual device.

The possibilities for customization are just about endless. We can fully integrate your car DVD player, CD player, radio and GPS navigation system. Some clients choose to install a DVD player with headrest mounting for their passengers in the rear. Clients with children often ask for a system that allows the kids to watch a DVD in the back, while still allowing the driver to listen to their favorite CD's or radio station in the front.

Multiple DVD systems, infrared headphones, gaming systems compatibility, and remote controllers are just a few of the many possibilities for customization that we offer at Clear Impressions Audio. Stop by our showroom today - we have many more options and accessories that we would love for you to see!

Custom Appearance & Mounting

We carry top quality components and accessories in our showroom, and our team of technicians will give you a variety of choices for the type of install you’d like for your mobile video system. You may want a subdued look or a flashier install.  We also offer lighting options and other customization's to give you the look you want.  Come by Clear Impressions to see all the video possibilities!