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Fans of Satellite Radio will tell you it’s the best thing they’ve ever had installed, especially those who travel and lose the signal from a radio station.  Not anymore!  With satellite radio you can listen to everything - anywhere, anytime.  No longer are you limited to certain radio stations either.  With satellite radio you can listen to content that is not available anywhere else; talk shows live play-by-play sports, news broadcasts, current entertainment and more!  Even the sound quality is superior to your typical radio, with no static.

Clear Impressions Audio carries top of the line satellite radio electronics by XM and Sirius.  We offer sales and professional installation on all of our satellite radio options.  Should you want to integrate satellite radio with your current sound system or CD player, we are the ones to call!  Let us help change the way you listen to radio!

HD Radio

In addition to satellite radio options, Clear Impressions Audio also offers HD radio.  Without having to pay satellite radio fees, HD radio connects to digital programming being broadcast by radio stations.  With an HD radio installed by Clear Impressions Audio, you’ll experience a large channel selection, high quality sound, and even traffic reports displayed on your stereo display.

Let our professional team at Clear Impressions Audio find the right equipment for your vehicle and install the perfect radio or electronics system to fit your needs.